Rose gold any thing makes me smile

I’m a natural redhead. Just in case anyone was wondering. My skin sometimes looks kinda yellowish. It makes it hard for me to wear most metal colors. Despite my favorite metal being rose gold though i have accumulated all colors. I have amassed a bit of a jewelry collection that my small jewelry box couldn’t handle.

As you can see, it’s very ill suited for a large, adult collection. So I started looking around at how people store there jewelry on Pinterest. It surprised me there’s so many options. But they all felt so mass produced and generic to me. I didn’t want that. So I decided even though I could afford something mass produced that I would prefer to be creative and have my husband help me create something.

We live here in Columbus Georgia. We have been here since December 2017. I love thrift stores and thanks to a church friend named Dee Dee I learned about Joeys thrift store. It’s this huge indoor thrift store you can find a little of everything at. One day, my husband and I went in and I saw this green chipped shelf unit and I saw potential. It was $8 but I pictured it with hooks for necklaces, some sort of mesh for earrings, and a dowel for my bracelets. Unfortunately I didn’t take a before picture.

I’m so happy with this. My husband used a little pipe piece he found to do the dowel, he cut up screen from an old window screen that was garbage, and he threw on enough hooks to get the job done for heavy earrings. Then he took it outside and sanded it to the best of his ability. Afterwards, he found a can of rose gold spray pain at Wal-Mart for less than $4 that took him less than an hour to use on this.

I know it may not look exciting to some people, but to me when I look at this I see memories of shopping searching for supplies. And the time my husband spent making this. That means a lot. And when I wear jewelry housed in here I will think of it all day long…

Seeking Smiles From Life

Today is my birthday…

One of those ones in the 30s that feel kinda meh. They haven’t all felt this way, but this one is hitting me kinda weird. You see, I have made some big changes in the past couple days. The kind that feel Earth SHAKING! I got rid of Facebook. And Instagram. And Pinterest. The Earth may have stopped spinning.

It sounds crazy. My husband and my girlfriend (yes, you read this correctly) both thought I went crazy. Maybe they’re right. Or maybe they don’t see what I see. I have been living in a state of Divine Discontent.

I once read a bunch of books in the Simple Abundance series by Sarah ban Breathnach (I believe her names spelled correctly). Sarah may be one of my soul sisters, even though we never met. She may understand my feelings. So may you, whoever is reading this. Maybe no one. That’s ok too. Sarah says divine discontent is akin to being some weird kind of gold that doesn’t want to become coins so it stays in the furnace. It’s when everything in your life feels off.

I don’t know how long things have been off. Maybe they have never been on? But one day, as things in my personal life felt overwhelming I was looking at pictures and statuses and everything on my social media thinking to myself, “Self, is this who you really Are?” Do you know who you really Are? Do any of us?

I look at pictures on my Instagram and think of how in my marriage things aren’t perfect all the time. We have arguments. It gets intense. (Are any marriages perfect?) I look at these pictures and stare at the fake smiles, and feel even worse. Why did I post it all on social media for the world to See? I used to post so much about makeup and skincare because at times, these subscription boxes were one of the few things that made me smile anymore.

Sometimes I wonder, how many individuals in the world can say the same? Do we all live for these temporary smiles, thanks to subscription boxes? Thank you to those who subscribe, to companies who sell these boxes… if you didn’t buy them either, I may have smiled a lot less in my life.